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Ship ahoy! We are boarding the Iberia luftskepp to BA in 4h!

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this entry written by Maria..
Hi everyone!

Writing blog entries in English as both English + Swedish family & friends will read.. :-)

I can't believe that we are actually on our way now! Butterflies in tummy when thinking about it!! - could be another reason for that as well though... (more about this in a sec) I went to Geneva on Thursday for interview and it went really well so keep all your fingers crossed that I get the job!

Quite stressed out week as we needed to finalise work, Maria go to Geneva for Interview, sort & pack final things in flat, pack bags for South America, pack bags for first month(s) in Geneva, leaving drinks/dinner Thursday night, have last jabs & shots, moving company to come pack Thursday and Friday... and on top of this I (Maria) manage to catch the bug Ruby & Lucy in the office has had and have been vomiting, shivering, in pain on Friday TOGETHER WITH THE MOVING GUYS in the flat. Absolute nightmare. Absolutely devastaded I couldn't go in to work and say a proper goodbye to everyone. So Friday morning was a bit chaotic - poor Kieran (girlfriend a mess, crying as she can't go in to work and at the same time he has to sort out the moving guys & his packing..!). So, I was lying on a sleeping mat on the floor in the bedroom while the moving guys finished packing and emptied the flat.

Anyway, its all done now, last minute things to sort out are done, and even though I feel like I have a cold today that is a 100 times better than the tummy pain yesterday.

Lucy, Debbie: Thank you so much the pressies! Lucy you clever little devil, I didn't show you the bracelet charm as a hint for you to get it!!! :-D
Ruby. you saw me open the present from you so you saw my reaction.. :) I love the necklace and Kieran think it is very me :)
And thanks everyone for the cards!

I will come in to the office when back from travelling so we can have a proper goodbye!

The email address to reach me (and Kieran as i am checking my email more often than once every month.. :)) is maria.gabrielsson@gmail.com.

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I've just added the feature to send entries

to the blog via email.

So I thought I'd try it out and see if it works...

Hasta luego!

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Kieran's planning the trip

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Its Christmas time and we have just got the date for leaving the UK confirmed so now a frantic activity starts.. Booking flights, Accomodation, bus trips, googling EVERYTHING, reading travel guides, but also sorting out the move from UK. When we come back from South America our new home is Switzerland!!


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